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Fake News in Facial Plastic Surgery

Posted: 12:01 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 16, 2018

By Anita Mandal, M.D.
Question: I’m 69 and I’d like some facial rejuvenation procedures, but I get scared when I hear the stories about long recoveries and results that either make you look unnatural or too different. How can a lay person such as myself make a decision on the right rejuvenation options?

Answer: There is a considerable amount of “fake news” in the plastic surgery industry. This misinformation is passed along not only through the media, other plastic surgeons and doctors, but also the pharmaceutical industry. This “fake news” is seen with many different types of procedures.

Fake news: Lasers cause prolonged redness and peeling. While lasers do exist where you can experience months of redness and considerable peeling, the advanced technologies in many of today’s lasers and radiofrequency devices, such as Infini RF, can lift and tighten sagging facial tissues and soften wrinkles without any significant downtime. Infini RF typically only has 3-5 days of redness which can easily be covered with makeup, starting the next day after treatment and virtually has no skin peeling at all.

Fake news: Injectable fillers move. In my more than 20 years of practicing facial plastic surgery, I have never come across a filler I’ve injected that has ever moved. Interestingly, I’ve met quite a few patients who had a filler elsewhere and were told by their doctor that their filler moved when they complained it did not fix their concern. In skilled hands, a filler will only be placed into the area of treatment without allowing facial swelling to interfere with the end result.

Fake news: Long term fillers show up as lumps as the face ages. In my hands, I’ve not come across this phenomenon. I use Bellafill — The 5 Year Filler — extensively in my practice and have not seen bumps occurring as a patient ages. I also use stem cell fillers which can be even longer lasting and have found them to be highly safe. It’s important to recognize that Silicone injections are neither safe nor FDA approved the U.S. as a facial filler and should not be used.

Fake news: People with filler in their lips always look over-plumped and unnatural. A skilled plastic surgeon carefully evaluates lip definition and lip volume prior to injecting the right amounts of filler for a natural result. The other day, my patient whose lips I had recently placed injectable filler into, shared that her friend commented on how naturally full her lips appear and that she doesn’t need any work done. Having my patient praised for a naturally youthful and full lip, despite how much work she’s had done, is always the ultimate compliment.

The best way to minimize complications and unnatural results is to seek a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon who is not only skilled and experienced in the particular procedure(s) of your choice, but one who also shares your same aesthetic. If your goal is to look youthful, refreshed and rested but, at the same time, appear natural, then seek a plastic surgeon who places a high value on creating improvements that are, above all, natural looking.


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