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"For the first time in my life, I do not have bags under my eyes. I am thrilled I am thrilled with the results..."

-LH, West Palm Beach

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How does the Whisper Lift differ from other types of lifts such as the Weekend facelift, Lifestyle Lift, Lunchtime Lift, Liquid Lift, Vampire Lift?

A: New, catchy names for facelifts spring up regularly. Separating fads from credible facelift procedures can be a challenge. While viable surgical procedures with less downtime do exist, quick fixes that promise significant results with no disruption to one’s lifestyle promote unrealistic patient expectations. Its important to appreciate that Surgery is Surgery and there is always a minimal period of healing and recovery afterwards.Lunchtime Lift: This is also known as the Feather lift or Thread lift. In this procedure, a thread is inserted under the skin to lift sagging neck and jowl tissue. This is not a true facelift and Dr. Mandal does not perform this procedure due to its short lived and unsatisfactory results.

Lifestyle Lift: The advertisements for this minifacelift claim that it is completed in an hour or less and showcases quite amazing “after” results. Dr. Mandal does not believe that a one hour mini facelift can give effective long lasting results in patients who are strong candidates for a traditional facelift.

Liquid Lift: The Liquid Lift is a very effective procedure when used on the right patient. However, its name is deceptive since it is not surgical. The Liquid lift consists of treatment with injectables to improve lines and hollows. It does not actually lift sagging jowl or neck tissue. Your doctor must be careful to only promise what the Liquid Lift will truly deliver. Dr. Mandal performs the Liquid Lift quite often with a high level of patient satisfaction. The Liquid Lift is not, however, a substitute for surgery as it does not lift significant soft tissue sag.

Weekend Facelift: This procedure can be ideal for patients with very minimal tissue laxity in their late 30’s and early 40’s. The majority of Dr. Mandal’s patients would not benefit from this procedure since it is too minimal to give effective, lasting results.

Vampire Lift: This is another misleading name in that it is not a surgical facelift.
It consists of mixing your own blood with a product called Sephyl and injecting this preparation into facial wrinkles and hollows. So far, it has received mixed reviews and does not lift or tighten facial sag.

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