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A 5-Year Filler Vs. Temporary Fillers

Posted: 6:00 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 14, 2016

By Anita Mandal, M.D.
Question: I like the idea of a 5-year filler like Bellafill. However, a plastic surgeon once injected Juvederm in my cheeks and made them too puffy. It took one year to go away. If I don’t like the results from Bellafill, won’t I be stuck with that look for five years?

Answer: As a 5-year filler, Bellafill is typically not done all at once. As necessary, I break up the Bellafill treatments into more than one session.

The first Bellafill treatment is typically conservative with only 50 to 70 percent of the total amount being injected. This initial treatment lays down the basic framework and evens out asymmetries. A portion of the Bellafill is saved and injected during a second session four weeks later for finer tuning. Occasionally, for larger areas, a third treatment is needed for a final tweaking.

Because Bellafill is typically performed in increments with a gradual buildup of results, the likelihood of an overfilled or unnatural result is much lower than with temporary fillers. Temporary fillers are often done all at once; injectors know that a temporary filler will go away in a short time if the patient does not like the results. An expert Bellafill injector knows that facial volumization with Bellafill requires a higher skill set and understanding of facial contouring.

In truth, there is no strong correlation between a good end result and how long a filler lasts. This is supported by the finding that the majority of poor filler results seen in the market place are due to temporary fillers and not to Bellafill.

Your decision to go with a temporary filler vs. a 5-year filler like Bellafill should not be strongly influenced by how long the filler lasts if you are in the hands of an expert injector. An expert injector knows exactly which areas to treat and which to avoid for a natural result. My advice: find yourself an expert injector. There are many good injectable filler products, but very few EXPERT INJECTORS.

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