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A natural-looking browlift: Ultherapy™ vs. Surgery

Posted: 10:38 a.m. Monday, May 20, 2013

By Anita Mandal, M.D.
Question: I have sagging eyebrows that droop more on the outer part, making me look sad. A surgeon recommended a brow lift, but I know people who look surprised or unnatural after surgery. Is there a less drastic option?

Answer: While a surgical brow lift can raise the eyebrows, it is important to understand that a higher eye brow does not always make one look more youthful. In fact, raising the brows can sometimes make one appear too hollow and more aged in the upper eyelid area.

Many fashion models have low-set brows that do not take away from a youthful appearance. The brow can be thought of in terms of three sections — inner, middle and outer. Each part has a specific and ideal position. When one of these portions is too low or too high with respect to the other two, one can look angry, sad or aged.

What my patients like about Ulthera is that it can give a very natural-looking browlift. In fact, Ultherapy’s™ first FDA approval was for brow elevation. Unlike surgery, an additional benefit is that Ulthera can more easily target the specific part of the brow that sags. In patients with asymmetric brows, Ulthera can improve the unevenness.

Ulthera has the benefits of no surgery, no incisions and, typically, no downtime. The newly positioned brow is often much more natural in appearance than surgery. Unlike surgery, in which the tissues are pulled and repositioned, Ulthera increases the collagen turnover rate in the brow area, resulting in tightening and a softer, more natural lifting of the brow tissues.

Whether you are a candidate for surgery or an Ulthera browlift is best determined through careful consultation with your plastic surgeon.


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