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Bellafill: You Get What You Pay For!

Posted: 6:00 a.m. Sunday, May 29, 2016

By Anita Mandal, M.D.
Question: I’m tired of getting Juvederm and Voluma in my hollow face. It works but lasts only months and costs thousands of dollars. How will Bellafill benefit me more?

Answer: I bought an inexpensive $49 pair of Jessica Simpson shoes to wear casually. I went to a discount store and was happy to get such a great deal. After wearing them once, the rubber sole lining separated from the entire bottom of both shoes in a few hours, making them unwearable. I was reminded of the Gucci shoes I bought years ago for nearly $600 that I’ve worn many times and that are still in good condition. I will never buy a cheap pair of shoes again as there is no value in it.

A temporary filler is more like the cheap pair of shoes. It’s a quick fix that doesn’t last long. And if you don’t get a good result, your doctor can easily point out that the filler will go away soon. The “temporary” mentality offers little to no motivation for your injector to improve aesthetic skills or results.

In comparison, Bellafill is like the Gucci shoes. The added value of Bellafill comes from it lasting 5 years, allowing you to enjoy your long-term investment for more than just a few months. Likewise, Louis vuitton purses are known to get better with time. This is also true of Bellafill as many patients notice they look even better 9 months after treatment. What temporary filler do you know of that gets better with time?

A Chanel dress is handcrafted by the most skilled artisans, with the highest quality fabrics and designed by an expert creative director. Similarly, Bellafill consists of the most superior formulation to give the lowest risks and natural results. Bellafill has been studied in the largest number of patients of any filler on the U.S. market and requires the skill of an expert injector who thoroughly understands facial aesthetics.

Because Bellafill produces high quality, long-lasting results, you get more value for your money compared to a temporary filler. It’s similar to the Chanel purse that you paid $5000 for a few years ago; as a future vintage piece, it can retail for nearly the same amount which you originally paid. How many designer brands hold their value over time like Chanel? How many injectable fillers do you know of that can hold their value over time like Bellafill? How many expert injectors do you know who can produce constantly good long-term results?

Just like the Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton’s, there is no question that you will spend more on Bellafill upfront than any of the temporary fillers. However, you can also get much more for your money. It’s your decision. Do you want quality or quantity?


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