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Benefits Of Treatment Series For Injectable Fillers

Posted: 12:01 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 13, 2019

By Anita Mandal, M.D.
Question: I have a tight timeline and want my cheek hollows treated with fillers. Some surgeons have recommended doing the cheeks in more than one treatment. I had my smile lines filled a year ago and it was all done in a single session. Why is it necessary to break up my cheek volumization into more than one treatment?

Answer: There are several important reasons why an injectable filler treatment may be broken up into more than one treatment session.

  • Accuracy in results: Certain facial areas that are wide and deep don’t respond well to injecting large amounts of filler all at once and can end up looking overfilled or unnatural. Common areas requiring more than 1 treatment session for this reason are the cheeks as well as the temples. On the other hand, the nasolabial folds can often, not always, be treated in a single session because they tend to be simple, linear and two dimensional.
  • Interference of swelling: Certain facial areas are prone to swelling which can interfere with visualization. Too often, a patient who has had filler by another doctor comes to my office stating that their doctor told them the filler moved, whereas, in fact, it was injected into the wrong place due to visualization being impeded by injection swelling. Even as much as 1-2mm of swelling can get in the way. A skilled injector recognizes when it’s time to stop and bring the patient back at a later date to re-inject the same area.
  • To allow tissue settling: Some tissues need to be treated in layers. The first treatment allows filling of the deeper layers which, once settled, can be re-injected in a more superficial layer. This multi-layer approach can give more natural results with more adequate correction.
  • Use of long-term fillers: Since long-term fillers don’t go away in months to a year, it’s much more important to choose a skilled and experienced injector. An expert injector knows the value of multi-session treatments for optimal results. Unlike the longer lasting fillers, patients unhappy with the results of a temporary filler can more easily be told that the filler will go away soon.
  • The best way to optimize your results with injectable facial fillers is by selecting a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon who is experienced and knowledgeable with the various different injectable fillers and offers highly skilled injection techniques tailored to each patient’s individual needs.


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