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Does Laser Resurfacing Give The Same Results As Infini?

Posted: 12:01 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 27, 2019

By Anita Mandal, M.D.
Question: I have sagging in my neck and lower face and some fine lip lines. One plastic surgeon discussed laser resurfacing but another advised Infini. Is laser resurfacing the same as a radio frequency device such as Infini?

Answer: Laser resurfacing and Infini RF have some very significant differences. While there is a little overlap in the types of aging concerns that these two devices can successfully treat, Infini RF tends to cover a broader range of concerns with less downtime. Laser resurfacing, with even the newer devices, typically comes with some downtime.
Concerns that can be effectively treated with laser resurfacing devices include fine lines and aged skin texture.
As with laser resurfacing, Infini can also effectively treat fine lines and aged skin texture. Additionally, Infini improves scars and acne scars without the risks of creating additional scarring or pigment losses seen with laser resurfacing. Infini is also helpful in treating large pores. Infini’s greatest value is its ability to effectively tighten and lift mild to moderate skin sagging.
Unlike laser resurfacing, Infini RF has very little to no downtime, no post-care dressings and makeup can be worn the next day. These benefits allow most patients to go back to their routine activities very quickly. In my office, I typically perform 3 to 7 Infini treatments every week. I use Infini RF on all different skin types and thicknesses. I have not yet come across any complications, making Infini’s safety profile quite high. No special preparation is usually required prior to treatment and no anesthesia other than a topical numbing creme is applied to the face and neck.
Another major advantage of the Infini RF is that, unlike a facelift which can only be performed a few times in one’s lifetime, partial Infini RF treatment’s can be done at regular annual intervals, allowing one to maintain the results of treatment.
Seeking an experienced Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon is the first step in addressing your rejuvenation concerns when it comes to wrinkles, aged skin texture and sagging of the face and neck.


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