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Facelift Vs. Laser Whisper™ Lift Vs. Infini RF

Posted: 6:00 a.m. Sunday, November 20, 2016

By Anita Mandal, M.D.
Question: I have sagging neck and jowls. I prefer the least invasive procedure, even if it has to be surgery, to get some worthwhile improvement and look more youthful. What is the difference between a facelift, the laser Whisper™ Lift and the Infini non-surgical facelift?

Answer: While all three procedures can lift and tighten sagging in the jowls and neck, there are important differences between the three.

A facelift typically involves general anesthesia, full incisions in front and behind the ear as well as under the chin. Drains, placed under the tissue flaps to prevent blood and clot formation, are removed the next day. Stitches are removed 7 to 10 days after surgery. Patients can typically return to work at 10-14 days, but swelling can take months to fully resolve. Narcotic pain medication helps in the early postoperative period.

The Laser Whisper™ Lift involves three tiny 1 centimeter incisions – hidden under the chin and by each ear lobe. A laser is then passed under the jowl and neck skin through these micro-incisions to remove excess fat and aggressively stimulate collagen and elastin at the deep, skin undersurface. Results are seen immediately and continue improving for 3 to 4 months following surgery. Unlike the aggressive anesthesia used for facelifts, Laser Whisper Lifts are performed with local anesthesia. There are no drains due to the very low risk of blood clots. Patients can typically return to work between 4 and 7 days after surgery. Several tiny stitches are removed under the chin a week after surgery. No stitches are needed for the tiny ear lobe incisions.

Infini RF is a non-surgical device that not only tightens and lifts sagging skin in the face and neck, but it also treats wrinkles and fine lines with no downtime. Infini RF transmits heat through the skin surface to stimulate collagen and elastin. Patients typically return to work in 24-48 hours. There are no dressings, and makeup can be worn the next day.

If you have sagging in the jowls and neck, the most suitable procedure depends on the degree of skin and muscle laxity, presence of fat and wrinkles as well as your preference for a surgical vs. non-surgical procedure. A thorough evaluation and consultation with a board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon is the first step.

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Laser Whisper™ Lift, 90 Minutes: 1cm micro-incisions, local anesthesia, less than 1 week downtime.

Bellafill, 60 Minutes: The 5-Year Filler, Dr. Mandal is a BellaDiamond physician in the top 1% of expert Bellafill injectors in the world.

Infini RF, 40 Minutes: Non-Surgical Facelift for sagging jowls and neck, no downtime.

SculpSure, 25 Minutes: Permanent, non-invasive body fat reduction.

Kybella, 10 Minutes: Permanent, minimal invasive neck fat removal.


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