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Facial Mapping: Avoid an unnatural look from fillers

Posted:11:06 a.m. Friday, April 11, 2014

By Anita Mandal, M.D.

Question: I got Sculptra™ in my face last year and the surgeon put it in my lower cheeks. Now my face looks puffy and pear shaped. What can be done to look better?

Answer: I commonly see new patients in my office who have similar concerns. It can happen with any injectable filler, not just Sculptra, and is typically due to improper placement of filler.
One very successful method in my practice for avoiding an unnatural, puffy or pear-shaped result is facial mapping. Facial areas like the cheeks, temples and forehead can be divided into various subparts. These smaller subunits within each facial area can be clearly identified.
Prior to injection with any filler, proper marking of only the facial subunits that need to be treated is key to achieving natural results. When the wrong subunits are injected, a poor result can occur.
Additionally, for example, if an area such as the cheeks are hollow and the surgeon injects the entire cheek without specifically identifying and mapping out the subunits that are actually hollow and require treatment, a poor result can also occur.
Injectable filler treatments based on facial mapping require a more detailed understanding of facial anatomy as well as facial aesthetics. Facial mapping is one successful approach that enables the surgeon to create a natural and proportioned facial appearance with injectable filler treatments.
A thorough consultation with an experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon who is a skilled injector is the first step.

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