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Injectable Fillers For Natural Looking Lips

Posted: 6:00 a.m. Sunday, May. 13, 2018

By Anita Mandal, M.D.
Question: I have fairly thin lips. I also have deep enough wrinkles above and below my upper and lower lips such that I’m experiencing lipstick bleed where the lipstick runs into many of the lip lines themselves. What can be done to rejuvenate my upper and lower lip area?

Answer: Lip rejuvenation often involves treatment of multiple aspects of the lip as well as multiple types of aging concerns. Each patient is different as is the manner in which their lips will age.

I prefer to treat the upper and lower lip wrinkles with a fine-line filler such as Restylane Silk. There are now 5 different types of Restylane but Restylane Silk, with it’s smaller molecule size, can be ideal for injection of the fine lip wrinkles. Restylane Silk can more easily be injected into the fine lines with a lower chance of creating a bumpy look over the lines. An experienced injector understands the fine balance between overfilling and underfilling lip wrinkles for a natural look.

Where the lip wrinkles meet the lip borders, one can experience “lipstick bleed” where lipstick tracks into the lip wrinkles above and below the actual lip edges. “Lipstick bleed” can effectively be improved by filling the lip vermilion which is the thin line between the lip skin and the wet lip mucosa. In a youthful lip, the vermilion edge is naturally just slightly raised to give a well-defined upper and lower lip. With age, the vermilion border flattens, resulting in loss of lip definition with “lipstick bleed” into the lip lines. I typically used regular Restylane-L or Juvederm Ultra to restore lip definition. Injecting within the confines of the very fine vermilion border to a create a very natural raised edge is key to a successful result.

As we age, the upper and lower lips also lose volume, resulting in a sad or expressionless lower face. Many patients have a fear of getting filler in the lips themselves. Given the overfilled lips of many movie stars and celebrities, this is a natural concern. However, filling the lips can also look very natural when done properly. A skilled injector carefully examines the lips shape and degree of volume loss to assess the proper amount and placement of lip filler to restore lost volume while, at the same time, giving a natural result. I typically use Restylane Refyne or Juvederm Ultra Plus to restore lost lip volume.

Many aspects of lip rejuvenation must be taken into consideration to create a beautiful lip that is also natural looking. Seeking a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon who understands the detailed anatomy of the lip region is the first step.


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