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Is SculpSure Really Better Than CoolSculpt?

Posted: 6:00 a.m. Sunday, July 10, 2016

By Anita Mandal, M.D.
Question: I’m debating between SculpSure and CoolSculpt for my love handles and tummy fat. Which is better?

Answer: SculpSure is quickly becoming a gold standard for non-invasive, permanent fat reduction and was FDA approved in 2015. Below are key differences between the two devices.

1) SculpSure: Destroys fat through heat transmitted by a laser with a wavelength selective for fat destruction, reducing the risk of trauma to surrounding tissues. CoolSculpt: Destroys fat by suctioning fatty tissue into a cup-like device and freezing all tissues within the vacuum, making it less selective for fat destruction, with increased risk of numbness in treated areas.

2) SculpSure: 1 treatment session consists of 4 pads and takes just 25 minutes. CoolSculpt: 1 treatment session takes one hour and is immediately followed by 20 minutes of tissue massage, totaling nearly 1.5 hours.

3) SculpSure: Each treatment pad has a “feathering” effect around its borders to give more even, smoother results. CoolSculpt: Shelving and unevenness can occur since fat outside the borders of suction device are left untreated.

4) SculpSure: Tightens the skin that loosens from fat removal. CoolSculpt: Does not tighten skin and can result in a worsening appearance after leaving looser skin post-treatment.

5) SculpSure: No known risk of paradoxical hyperplasia. CoolSculpt: Has a risk of paradoxical hyperplasia where fatty tissue can increase after treatment.

6) SculpSure: Less risk of bruising and swelling since treatment involves less manipulation of fat. CoolSculpt: Greater manipulation of tissue during treatment, resulting in more bruising and swelling.

While both devices treat body fat non-invasively with comparable cost and a 3-4 months waiting period to see final results, SculpSure has significant advantages over CoolSculpt as highlighted above.


Kybella,10 Minutes: Permanent, minimal invasive neck fat removal for double-chin.

SculpSure, 25 Minutes: permanent, non-invasive body fat reduction with skin tightening.

Infini RF, 40 Minutes: Non-Surgical Facelift for sagging jowls and neck with no downtime.

Bellafill, 90 Minutes: The 5-Year Filler. Dr. Mandal is a BellaDiamond physician in the top 1% of expert Bellafill injectors in the world.


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