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Male and female differences in brow and eyelid rejuvenation

Posted: 9:22 a.m. Monday, Aug. 12, 2013

By Anita Mandal, M.D.
Question: I am a 54-year-old male who would like to correct my droopy eyelids. I have a male friend who had a brow lift and now looks feminine. What can be done to maintain masculine features after cosmetic surgery?

Answer: When it comes to facial cosmetic surgery, gender differences between men and women are often overlooked. It is important to find a surgeon who recognizes the specific differences between the male and female aesthetic.

There are several important differences between men and women in the brow and eyelid areas. In a woman, the brow is typically more highly arched in the center and slightly lower near the inner and outer aspects. The overall position of the female brow is also higher than in a male. In comparison, the male brow is less arched and sits closer to the eyelid, giving a more masculine appearance.

In addition to lower set brows, the upper eyelid tends to be heavier in men than in women. When performing an upper eyelid lift, a small amount of excess skin should ideally remain after surgery in men. In women, creating a cleaner contour by removing as much skin as is safely possible, while maintaining a natural look, is more appropriate.
It’s also important to be aware that men are more prone to a receding hairline with age, and a high forehead and hairline can be a contraindication to brow-lift surgery.
A thorough facial consultation, which includes a detailed discussion about how to approach the same procedure(s) in men verses women is a key step. Viewing before and after photos is also helpful.

Before making a decision about your selection of a surgeon, be sure you feel comfortable in your doctor’s ability to give you the type of gender-specific results that you desire.approach.


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