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Myths about long-term fillers

Posted:9:53 a.m. Monday, March 17, 2014

By Anita Mandal, M.D.

Question: I’m interested in Bellafill® as I spend too much money each year to maintain filler injections for my face. Can a long-term filler like Bellafill® deform your face many years after treatment?

Answer: Unlike certain other long-lasting fillers, Bellafill® has been shown to be very safe.
One false myth about long-term fillers is that they move over time. I have not found injectable fillers to move to areas different from where they are originally injected. If you’ve had injectable fillers and were told that they moved, they were most likely accidentally injected into the wrong area to begin with. This can happen with temporary as well as long-term fillers.
Another myth that, with time, fillers can cause lumps and hardened areas — resulting in facial deformity, is not true for Bellafill®. While there have been serious side effects reported with injectable silicone and other long-lasting fillers, the national granuloma rate for Bellafill® is only one percent. This is a notably lower risk than even the European version of Bellafill®.
Another inaccurate myth is that a long-term filler can become visible through the skin as the skin thins with age. When an injectable filler has been placed in the proper skin layer and anatomical unit of the face, it should not become visible with the passage of time.
The key to achieving successful results with long-lasting fillers is proper selection of a skilled injector. An experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon should use the correct type of injectable filler. Depth of injection, anatomic area and aesthetic balance are also important considerations.

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