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Tips On Finding
An Expert Facial Plastic Surgeon

Posted: 9:36 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 28, 2015

By Anita Mandal, M.D.
Part I: Tips On Finding An Expert Facial Plastic Surgeon

Finding an expert plastic surgeon is crucial to a good result. It can be a daunting task when so many doctors claim to “specialize”, are not trained or certified in plastic surgery or carry “fake” board certifications not recognized by any legitimate authority.

While board certification and training are very important, they are just the minimum requirements. Some tips to keep you on the right track are:

Tip 1: Know what distinguishes your plastic surgeon as a face expert. If you are interested in face work, research a surgeon whose expertise is exclusively in the face rather than a “jack of all trades” or one who works mainly on the body.

Tip 2: Search for a facial plastic surgeon with an artistic eye. Board certification and expert training do not guarantee good results. Each face is unique. Before having a cosmetic procedure, be sure that your surgeon is not just a good technician, but also has a keen eye for aesthetically pleasing results.

Tip 3: Look for a surgeon who focuses on natural results. Unlike the “one-stop-shops”, I do not offer every procedure but mainly techniques that give balanced, youthful and natural results. There is no point in getting rid of a smile line if the end result is a “monkey face”. How natural the results look is the ultimate test of a plastic surgeon’s integrity. Look at your surgeon’s face to see if it looks natural or unnaturally perfect.

Tip 4: When it comes to your face, don’t focus on price point. How valuable is your face? How much would pay for an expert result compared to a so-so or inferior result. Shift your focus from price to the added value of going to a face expert.

Tip 5. Don’t be fooled by quick-fix or “gimmick” procedures. If it sounds too good to be true, that should set off an alarm in your head to research the procedure further. A latest example is Kybella injections to dissolve neck fat. While Kybella may be FDA approved, many people over age 40 with neck fat have loose neck skin which may worsen after treatment. FDA approval does not equate to a good result.

Stay tuned next week’s tips Part II.

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