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SculpSure: Beware About Pricing

Posted: 6:00 a.m. Sunday, June 5, 2016

By Anita Mandal, M.D.
Question: I had a SculpSure consult with another plastic surgeon for my right and left flanks. Their technician performs the treatment and saw me. He priced out 4 pads total, 2 on each flank. When I came to see you Dr. Mandal, your fee was twice as high. Since SculpSure can be performed by a technician due to the lower skill level involved, how can I justify paying you double?

Answer: While I’m unable to include your name in my response due to the patient privacy laws, I can say, for a fact, that I advised 4 pads on each of your flanks totaling 8 pads for adequate treatment of both flanks. Since the other office only priced out half the number of treatment pads, naturally the price is half.

SculpSure prices in my office are not so different from competitors. However, I don’t use technicians to make important decisions about your treatment. To achieve desired results, each patient needs the correct number of treatment pads. There is much misleading information about SculpSure pricing. Many doctor’s offices, especially those using a technician working on commission, need to sell you something. It’s easier to sell a lower price treatment with fewer treatment pads. It’s important not to simply look at total price but to find out exactly how many treatment pads you are getting for that fee. Be sure you are not comparing apples to oranges. You may just think you are getting a better deal.

Many offices also give out prices per treatment pad over the phone without ever seeing a patient. This misleads patients to think they can afford the full treatment when that’s not the case. A patient in their 60’s often needs

4 to 5 times as any treatment pads unlike a 25 year old needing 2-3. Verify how many treatment pads you are getting for the price quoted and if the full area you want will be treated for that price.

As far as your comment about the lower skill level in performing SculpSure, the skill level is much higher than patients are lead to believe. Determining the precise number of treatment pads, the full area to be treated, the accurate placement and proper configuration of pads and whether you are a good candidate for SculpSure are all key skills requiring an experienced health care provider rather than a low-level technician.

Do not be misled about SculpSure and its fees. Each treatment pad only covers a limited, small area. You need the right number of pads to get desired results. SculpSure is much more than a low level procedure requiring a technician.



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