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SculpSure Treatments: Doctor Vs. Technician

Posted: 6:00 a.m. Sunday, April 17, 2016

By Anita Mandal, M.D.
Question: I’m interested in SculpSure for the extra fat on my stomach and thighs. I’ve noticed many offices offering SculpSure have a technician performing the treatments rather than an actual doctor. Is there a difference?

Answer: While it may be cheaper to have a technician perform your SculpSure treatment, important benefits exist with a skilled physician.

While an increasing number of less invasive procedures are performed by technicians, the fact that SculpSure is non-invasive does not mean that you’ll get the same results by a doctor or a technician. Like many other less invasive cosmetic procedures, with SculpSure, you don’t need a medical degree or specialization in cosmetic surgery to learn the technique. However, you can significantly improve the chances of a good result by using a skilled medical doctor, with expertise in cosmetic procedures, especially fat removal, to perform treatments.

I am hands-on with all of my patients’ treatments before, during and after each procedure. Having performed over 100 SculpSure treatments, to date, I find that a higher skill level is required in treating certain areas of the body.

Accurate placement and positioning of SculpSure applicators to accommodate differences in patient anatomy can be quite challenging. Greater skill level is also needed in making power adjustments during treatment as each patient’s body fat has unique properties as does each patient’s anatomy.

Successful abdominal fat reduction may only require 4 applicator pads for you whereas 12 pads may be needed in another patient. Also, abdominal fat removal alone may result in a wider appearing waistline in one person but not another.

Important anatomical and technical nuances, beyond the skill of a technician, exist with SculpSure. A plastic surgeon who understands aging anatomy and body proportion is qualified to assess these factors. His/her active presence during treatment can significantly increase your chances of a successful outcome. Do you want a “cookie cutter” SculpSure treatment or one uniquely tailored to your needs by an expert plastic surgeon? It’s your decision.



Kybella, 10 Minutes: Permanent, minimal invasive Submental neck fat removal for double-chin.

SculpSure, 25 Minutes: The new standard in permanent, non-invasive fat reduction with skin tightening: treats abdomen, flanks, back, hips, thighs, knees, arms and chest.

Infini RF, 40 Minutes: Non-Surgical Facelift tightens sagging jowls and neck & softens wrinkles with no downtime.

Bellafill, 90 Minutes: The 5-Year Filler. Dr. Mandal is a BellaDiamond physician in the top 1% of expert Bellafill injectors in the world.

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