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SculpSure Tx: When Special Skills Are Needed

Posted: 6:00 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 4, 2016

By Anita Mandal, M.D.
Question: I went to a medspa one year ago. The doctor performed SmartLipo on my stomach and outer thigh fat. Even though I now have less fat in those areas, my stomach is lumpy and I have indentations on the sides of my thighs and buttocks. I found out later that the doctor who performed my treatment was not a board certified plastic surgeon. Can SculpSure help smooth out the unevenness of my abdomen and thighs?

Answer: I am seeing an increasing number of patients requesting SculpSure treatments as a corrective approach for lumpy or uneven results that occurred with surgical liposuction, SmartLipo and CoolSculpt.

SculpSure treatments, in my office, to smooth and even out these lumpy areas has been quite effective. However, a word of caution that understanding precisely where to apply the SculpSure treatment pads in lumpy areas is crucial. Incorrect pad positioning can worsen the results or give you unnatural contours.

A complex situation such as yours is where it becomes important that the person performing your procedure has a thorough knowledge of anatomy and aesthetics. You are much more likely to run into trouble with a technician performing the procedure or with a doctor who is not board certified in plastic surgery. Like Botox and fillers, with SculpSure, learning the technique is simple, but treating complex situations requires a more detailed understanding of your body’s anatomy, the aging process and aesthetic proportion. Sound judgement is what can significantly differentiate a technician/non-plastic surgeon from a board certified plastic surgery specialist.

When it comes to uneven or lumpy fat as well as tricky areas like the buttocks or thighs where special attention to one’s curves and body contours is much more important, a higher skill level can reduce the chances of removing fat in the wrong areas and help maintain your curves and natural body contours.

As an increasing number of patients seek Sculpsure treatments for more complex situations, it becomes ever more important to focus on seeking a physician to perform your actual treatment rather than a technician. It also becomes more crucial to seek a board certified plastic surgeon with a higher skill level rather than a non-plastic surgeon who may entice you with a lower price. The best price does not equate to the best results.

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