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Tips on making lips fuller but natural looking

Posted: 11:41 a.m. Monday, June 24, 2013

By Anita Mandal, M.D.
Question: My lips are thin and wrinkled. I badly want to get my lips filled but see too many distorted, overplumped lips. How can I get a natural looking lip?

Answer: Unnatural, overfilled lips are completely preventable with proper injection technique and aesthetic judgment on the part of the surgeon.

With age, the lip edges, or vermilion border, flattens. Raising the vermilion edges with a single, precise stream of Restylane in the fine vermilion border space can restore lip definition. Slippage of the injection needle into lip tissue below or skin above can distort the lip edges.

Lip wrinkles cause the lip to appear shrunken. Restylane treatments can give a lumpy upper lip. Because lip lines are fine and close to the skin surface, an injectable filler such as Bellatero minimizes the chances of lumps.

When similar amounts of filler are put in both the central and outer lips, a “sausage” look can result. Because a natural lip is fuller in the center and tapers towards the corners, more filler such as Perlane should typically be placed centrally.

The volume of filler that is tolerated by the lips is important. Thin lips have a limited ability to expand and placement of too much filler can give a “duck” look with overly protruding lips. The surgeon must consider the various aspects of the lip anatomy for proper and natural lip enhancement.


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