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Treatment for suken forehead

Posted:10:36 a.m. Friday, June 20, 2014

By Anita Mandal, M.D.

Question: I am 64 years old and my forehead looks “sunken in,” and my brow bones are prominent. A plastic surgeon advised a forehead/brow lift to fix forehead wrinkles and droopy brows, neither of which are bothering me. Will surgery help my real concerns?

Answer: Volume loss of the forehead is commonly overlooked by both patients and physicians. It can significantly contribute to aging of the face. A browlift, also called a forehead lift, can lift sagging brows and temporarily improve forehead lines. This surgery, however, does not improve volume loss.

Volume loss is due to thinning skin and bone/fat loss. This can give a sunken appearance to the forehead with prominent brow bones. It often makes one appear more “skeletal” in the upper face. Aging in this area is often continuous with temple hollows, also making the outer brow look bony and the eyes narrow. A patient may not quite know what is wrong, but complains of valleys and ridges in their forehead and may often be told to have a browlift.
In my practice, an effective treatment for forehead aging is injectable fillers. A long-term filler such as Bellafill® is more cost effective than a short-term, temporary filler. While Bellafill® can be used to lift sagging brows, it can also even out forehead ridges and hollows due to volume loss and skin thinning.

Identifying the specific causes of forehead aging by a Facial Plastic Surgeon who is skilled in both surgery and injectable fillers for upper facial rejuvenation is the first step to determining the most suitable option for you.

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