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Unlike Facial Aging, Bellafill Gets Better With Time

Posted: 12:01 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 3, 2019

By Anita Mandal, M.D.
Question: I have deep smile lines, grooves at my mouth corners and sunken cheeks and temples. I’ve been told that fillers are the best treatment option. There are so many fillers on the market. Bellafill peaked my interest since it’s very safe and lasts 5 years. I also heard that Bellafill looks better with time. How is it possible for any filler to get better as time passes?

Answer: Bellafill is indeed the 5-year injectable filler which has been proven, in over a 1000 patient FDA clinical trial, to not only be highly safe but also to give effective results that can last 5 years.

One of the most unique properties of Bellafill is that it can actually look better with time. It is not uncommon for my Bellafill patients returning months after their initial treatments to notice that they do, in fact, look better 9 to 12 months later compared to a month after injection. I’ve seen this phenomenon in nearly half of my Bellafill patients.

This continual improvement in results is due to the collagenstimulatory properties of Bellafill. The Bellafill crystal continues to stimulate collagen in a more predictable and consistent manner than other stimulatory fillers. The high reliability of Bellafill in producing these desired results is due to this advanced technology built into Bellafill’s formulation.

Another important benefit of Bellafill’s unique collagen stimulatory effect is the improvement one can see in skin quality as well as in the lines that sit superficial to the area of injection. For example, a patient having Bellafill for hollow cheeks may notice that, over time, the superficial cheek wrinkles also improved. While Bellafill should not be directly injected into superficial lines and wrinkles, the collagen stimulatory effects of product placed deeper in the cheeks can extend into the superficial tissue layers over time. This can, as a result, soften the appearance of fine lines that sit on top of the treated areas.

The collagen stimulatory properties of Bellafill also make it amongst the most natural looking of fillers. The filling one sees from many other fillers on the market is due to placement of the filler material itself. This is in contrast to Bellafill in which the long-term filling effect is not from injected filler material, but the result of Bellafill-induced stimulation of your body’s own collagen.
Bellafill has many diverse indications in facial rejuvenation. The optimal way to learn more about how Bellafill can benefit your unique facial rejuvenation needs is through a consultation with a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon who is also a BellaDiamond injector with extensive experience in using Bellafill.


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