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When a mini-facelift is not enough

Posted: 1:54 p.m. Friday, Oct. 18, 2013

By Anita Mandal, M.D.
Question: I am in my 60’s and recently saw a plastic surgeon for a mini-facelift. He said I needed a regular facelift since I was too far gone to have a “mini.” I really don’t want a standard facelift. How could I have known that I should have had a mini-facelift years earlier?

Answer: Aging in the face and neck is part of a spectrum. The greater the pull of gravity and the poorer your tissue elasticity, the greater the degree of sagging.

Similarly, the various types of facelifts are part of a spectrum. With mild to moderate sag, Ultherapy™ can non-invasively tighten and lift without surgery or incisions. Alternatively, one can also have a mini-facelift.

However, when prominent platysmal bands (the vertical neck bands) are present with facial sag, a standard facelift is often needed.

In some cases, Ultherapy™ in combination with a mini-facelift or facelift, can enhance the results of surgery. In others with minimal sag, Ultherapy™ may work to the same extent that a minifacelift would.

A thorough consultation with your facial plastic surgeon to determine the type of lifting procedure most suitable for you should be the first step. Degree of sagging and the degree of improvement desired by the patient are both important considerations.

Some prefer a less-invasive procedure and will accept a lesser result that gives some improvement. Others desire as much correction as possible with a more aggressive approach. Choosing a minifacelift, standard facelift or an Ulthera non-surgical micro-lift depends on these various factors.”


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