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Why Choose A BellaDiamond Injector?

Posted: 12:01 a.m. Sunday, Apr. 28, 2019

By Anita Mandal, M.D.
Question: I’m 58 and have deepening smile lines, “puppet” lines at the mouth corners and some hollowing of my cheeks. I love the idea of having a 5-year filler like Bellafill. I see that several doctors do Bellafill but with a variation in price. Dr. Mandal, according to Bellafill’s website, you are the only person listed in Palm Beach County as a BellaDiamond. Why is it better to have Bellafill treatments from a BellaDiamond injector when I could get it a little cheaper from some of the other doctors offering Bellafill.

Answer: When it comes to your face, if price point is the key factor, and one is less concerned about product safety or a good result that looks natural, such patients tend to go with the best price over the best result and a BellaDiamond injector may not be for them.

Bellafill is a specialty volumization filler that can last 5 years or even longer. Committing to Bellafill can, to some extent, be compared to a fine jewelry purchase. You can find a ruby ring set in pure silver or 14k gold for a few thousand or much less. However, you will spend more for a high quality Burmese Ruby with high clarity that is set in 18k gold. And, of course, a quality gemstone requires a setting that is done using high quality craftsmanship. This latter ruby will likely be an investment, down the road, with a higher resale value.

This Burmese Ruby analogy can be extended to Bellafill. As a highly safe volumization filler with proven satisfaction in results and prolonged duration, Bellafill can be thought of as a luxury, specialty filler. You may spend more, but the results and their longevity can make it worth paying for. Compared to temporary fillers, Bellafill’s 5-year duration can also be an investment. While it may cost more money upfront, over 5 years, you can come to appreciate Bellafill’s cost- effectiveness, unlike the costly maintenance treatments with temporary fillers.

Like the Burmese ruby that requires excellent craftsmanship for the stone setting, an expert injector is the optimal choice for Bellafill treatments. BellaDiamond injectors represent the top 1% of Bellafill injectors in the world. BellaDiamond injectors have performed a high volume of Bellafill treatments and the quality of their results speak for themselves. Like the purchase of a high quality Burmese Ruby, a BellaDiamond injector’s fee may be a bit higher as it includes the unparalleled value of their injector expertise. Today, temporary fillers are marketed by pharmaceutical companies to non-doctors as well as non-plastic surgeons.

These fillers may last 3 to 12 months. It’s much easier to tell an unhappy patient to live with the short-term result since a temporary filler will go away. With Bellafill’s 5-year duration, injector expertise combined with extensive experience in performing a high volume of Bellafill treatments becomes crucial to a successful result. With Bellafill, it’s not as simple to tell a patient to wait until filler goes away if they don’t like the results. It is important to seek a skilled injector who thoroughly understands the anatomy of facial aging and believes in “getting it right” the first time around.

If you are interested in Bellafill, a thorough consultation with a BellaDiamond injector may be a wise first step. BellaDiamond represents a level of unparalleled excellence when it comes to Bellafill results.


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